About Sommet

Sommet Education is a network of hospitality schools in Switzerland, Spain, China, the United Kingdom and the United States. The schools offer degrees to suit a wide range of personalities, career goals and country preferences.

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Facts about Sommet Education

Courses accredited at university level by New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)
Hospitality education that combines experiential learning with academic study
Curricula designed to develop industry-relevant soft and hard business skills
Professional internships
Inter-school transfer options

International Network

Students have the opportunity to transfer to and from Sommet Education institutes to enhance an international education that gives them the language skills, cultural knowledge and global perspective that the hospitality industry requires.

Unique Model of Education

Our institutions follow a unique education model. This model balances theory-based coursework with skills-based learning on campus.

While each school has its own specialized approach, Sommet Education ensures that curricula, teaching methodologies and student lifestyle work in unison to help graduates fully develop the skills they need to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.

Reputed Institutions

All of the institutions are fully accredited at the university level.

Accreditation ensures that each institution’s curriculum, facilities, faculty and student services meet high standards and are regularly reviewed.