Assistant Financial Controller

Assistant Financial Controllers are professionals who help controllers direct the production of financial reports to help forecast a company’s financial situation.

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Daily Life

Assistant controllers monitor accounting procedures for an organization, manage the company’s database and prepare financial statements in addition to helping in the annual budget process. They must work with a controller to create and evaluate internal accounting controls and policies to check for opportunities for improvement at organization level as well. Assistant controllers also must supervise the preparation of regulatory and governmental information forms. In addition, assistant financial controllers who work in the financial industry must ensure that accounting for the company’s investments is accurate.

They must also be able to oversee and train accounting staff in specific areas as well as supervise their transactions. These professionals might oversee training programs to ensure proper cross-training exists within an accounting department’s various clerical functions.

Required Skills

  • Excellent accounting and financial skills
  • Knowledgeable on local, state and federal financial reporting requirements
  • Ability to stay on top of industry information technology software changes
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in areas such as finance or accounting