Consultants are management professionals who have a great deal of specialized knowledge and expertise in one or more management or professional disciplines; they often work with multiple clients.


Daily Life

Consultants’ daily responsibilities vary greatly and depend entirely on their specific area of expertise. The duties for which they can be contracted by a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality organization can include strategic business analysis, project management, financial analysis, revenue and profitability management, operations optimization, feasibility studies, research and data collection, contracting, negotiating, centralized purchasing, architecture and construction, customer loyalty program management, and more. Most consultants are either self-employed or they work for a consultancy firm.

Required Skills

  • Strong organizational and leadership skills
  • Proven problem-solving and negotiation abilities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • 10 to 15 years of management experience in hospitality industry
  • Bachelor’s or graduate degree, preferably in hospitality or business administration