Cruise Director

Cruise Directors are senior management leaders who are in charge of all shipboard entertainment activities.

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Daily Life

Cruise Directors’ responsibilities are both significant and varied. They oversee all aspects of all entertainment presentations, activities, shows and special events, from conception and planning through execution, in any venue on board. They work with ship management to ensure that all entertainment activities integrate smoothly and cost-efficiently with all shipboard departments, and to make certain that their quality and implementation contribute to the highest possible level of guest enjoyment and satisfaction. To that end, Cruise Directors are also featured participants in various entertainment activities, as Master of Ceremonies, host and often as an onstage performer.

Required Skills

  • Professional entertainment experience
  • Natural communication skills
  • Master of Ceremonies and hosting experience
  • Willingness and ability to multi-task
  • Financial management and managerial experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality preferred