Food & Beverage Intern


In my short hospitality career thus far, I have successfully completed three internships in Azerbaijan, Thailand and Ireland with companies such as Hyatt, Holiday Inn and Ritz-Carlton. Mainly focusing on the F&B department with service, supervision and office work at the Holiday Inn and in the kitchens at the Ritz-Carlton, rotating through banquets, pastry, in-room dining in order to expand on my creative skills and grow in confidence. I believe the internships will be a great benefit in the future, particularly the varied positions I have worked in, as it gives you an insight into how the industry operates and allows you to see whether that position is right for you.

P19_portraitThomas Yucebiyik
Food & Beverage Intern
Gordon Ramsay Fine Dining
Enniskerry, Ireland
Nationality: British
Student from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland