General Manager, Hotel

General Managers (GM) are the chief executives and most visible leaders of a hotel property. They have ultimate responsibility for the day-to-day management of all aspects of the hotel’s operation, covering all of its departments and employees.

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Daily Life

GMs develop strategic business plans that define the hotel’s operational and revenue goals. They manage all hotel operations to maximize both employee and financial performance. They ensure that the hotel meets quality standards for property appearance, maintenance, amenities and personal service that deliver the best guest experience possible. GMs set performance goals for employees and provide training, a supportive work environment and constructive assessments to help them grow and contribute to the hotel’s success. They plan, implement and measure the effectiveness of hotel marketing and promotional efforts.

Required Skills

  • Excellent leadership, personnel and communication skills
  • Effective business and operations management abilities
  • Strong financial management and budget planning
  • Relevant experience in hospitality management positions
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred (ideally in hospitality)