Guest Relations Manager

Guest Relations Managers are responsible for maintaining close communications with the client and ensuring the continued use of the company’s products or services.


Daily Life

Guest Relations Managers are responsible for maintaining goodwill between guests and the hotel and ensuring the guests are enjoying themselves. They also ensure continued use of the company’s products or services, are readily available and take a proactive approach. Guest Relations Managers demonstrate the highest level of courteous and efficient service, to ensure guests feel welcome and that their needs will be attended to at all times during their stay. They also forge strong and lasting relationships and provide information about additional hotel services. They need to have a strong working knowledge of the specific industry as well as the company’s offer in order to retain current customers and keep them satisfied.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from a reputable school
  • Strong affinity for and commitment to the hotel industry
  • Willingness to demonstrate initiative and perform shift duties
  • Language skills
  • Strong market sense and results orientation
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills