Personal Concierge Intern

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My first internship was in the Turks and Caicos Islands, at the Veranda Resorts and Residences. Being a recently opened hotel I got the pleasure of experiencing how to practically build a hotel from the ground up, as part of their first stage opening.
During my time there I worked as a Personal Concierge, and had contact with all the departments, learning basic and important information about all of them, but most importantly being there to guide the guest and ensure a high quality experience for them as they created “hand-made memories”- our team motto. The internship benefits my future as I was trained to always excel in bringing guest satisfaction no matter the time or the cost. I am certain that these traits and skills will come in handy when it is my turn to develop a hotel of my own.

P23_portraitAndres Aray
Personal Concierge Intern
Veranda Resorts and Residences
Turks and Caicos

Nationality: Ecuadorian
Student from Les Roches Jin Jiang Internatinal Hotel Management College, Shanghai, China