Public Relations Intern

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The opportunity to accomplish internships helps you understand what you really want. In addition, working on projects based on real-life situations and hotels, prepare you for your future job and responsibilities. I did my first internship in Geneva, which gave me the chance to learn French and get an unforgettable experience in high-end cuisine and service. My second internship was in Mexico, where I learnt Spanish. I had a chance to communicate with a lot of journalists, make several site inspections and organize a number of photo-shoots. Moreover, I understood the process of advertising and the importance of public relations in the hotel industry. This work experience gave me some insight into PR & Communications, which will definitely help me to obtain a job in this field.

P25_portraitYuliya Bulatova
Public Relations Intern
Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Nationality: Russian
Student from Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland