Revenue Manager

Revenue Managers occupy a critically important hospitality management function that has a tremendous impact on the profitability of a hotel chain, airline, cruise line or car rental company.


Daily Life

Revenue Managers determine the ideal price for a unit of inventory (a hotel room, airline seat, cruise ship berth or rental car) that is most attractive to consumers and most profitable for the company. They use disciplined tactics to predict consumer behavior by optimizing inventory availability and pricing. Revenue Managers work closely with Sales and Marketing teams to determine broad strategic financial goals and devise tactical selling and pricing strategies to meet those goals and maximize profits. They also monitor competitive marketplace activity and factors affecting distribution channel performance.

Required Skills

  • Strategic thinking combined with ability to implement strategy as tactics
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to perform under time pressure
  • Previous experience working in reservations or front office (hotels, airlines, car rentals)
  • Communication and persuasion skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Language skills