Spa Manager

Spa Managers oversee all departments, employees and the financial performance of the entire spa operation.

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Daily Life

Spa Managers develop policies for standard operating procedures for the spa’s retail, massage, aesthetics, nail services and reception departments. They hire, train, schedule, manage and review employees. They conduct meetings with staff to ensure all employees understand all aspects of the spa’s operation. Spa Managers create revenue projections and manage expenses to maximize profitability. They coordinate payroll administration and establish inventory control procedures, as well as maintaining relationships with suppliers and providers. They oversee facilities upkeep and maintenance, and ensure that all equipment is in proper working order. Spa Managers develop marketing programs, brochures and promotions. They monitor and ensure customer satisfaction.

Required Skills

  • Well developed leadership and interpersonal abilities
  • Excellent communication skills with guests and employees
  • Strong financial management expertise
  • Knowledge of fitness, health and wellness
  • Strong computer skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality preferred