A global network

Sommet Education is a network of hospitality management institutions and culinary arts schools with campuses in France, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom and China. They offer private courses as well as undergraduate, graduate and executive education programmes to suit a wide range of personalities, career goals and country preferences

They share the highest standards:

Hospitality management institutions accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and top-ranked in the QS report 2019
Hospitality and culinary education that combines experiential learning with academic study
Culinary schools accredited as Private Superior Technical Training schools by the Ministry of Education in France

Our institutions

Sommet Education comprises three institutions on six campuses around the world. Each campus has its own unique identity and programme specialisations. 


Alumni testimonials

At Sommet Education, our goal is to deliver an excellent student experience and ensure that graduates are put on the path toward a successful career.

Our alumni go on to have rewarding careers in a wide range of industries all over the globe.

Learn more by reading thoughts from our alumni:

“I was so enthusiastic about this degree because, in my mind, it was the ideal way to combine my studies, my passion for sports and my interest for event management. And as a professional skier, I have to say that Glion’s superb location was just perfect. I was looking for a study program that could give me the opportunity to associate theory with practice. I wanted to learn a lot from an experienced faculty and be at the heart of the event organization.”
After graduating from les Roches, Elie travelled the world and opened three hotels in Dubai: Raffles, The Radisson , The Armani Hotel.  Through organizing his sister’s wedding, he set up his own wedding planning company that works all over the world and is about to set up a second office in Dubai.
Consultants Elie Berchan
“Les Roches, one of the most well-known schools in the world for hospitality management with a strong international curriculum in event management, definitely fast tracked my career. Les Roches prepares students based on a Swiss educational model that combines practice, theory and internships enabling them to be fully employable, flexible and mobile.”
Panos Tzivanidis
“Anyone standing at the crossroads, waiting to make the decision about where to study hospitality, should choose Les Roches.  I’d recommend it for its multiculturalism and for the practical side of the education, as well as the job opportunities you get. You really get to know people when you see all sides of them.  I learnt a lot about myself.  To be more relaxed, to have a better understanding.  To step back if it’s a group presentation or something and you are working with people from 5 different cultures and you’re used to doing in one way, and rather create space to let others breathe and do things another way.”
Lena Bader
“Glion is the only school to provide you with a real and true multicultural environment. The Glion education made me flexible, able to deal with different cultures, and provided me with the right knowledge I needed for my current position.”
Igor Gambachidze
“The reason I chose Glion was because of its exceptional reputation, the quality of the teaching and because the skills I knew I was going to learn would support me to become a successful hotelier. Having the opportunity from Glion to work anywhere in the world is absolutely exceptional. You don’t get that very often.”
Sophie Navarro