École Ducasse

Founded in 1999, École Ducasse transmits outstanding expertise in culinary and pastry arts through its network of schools in France (École Ducasse – Paris Campus, École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie and École Ducasse – Paris Studio) and abroad. Academic programs include bachelor’s degrees, courses for career changers and continuous professional training, as well as private courses for food enthusiasts.

With 1500 students and alumni and 1,400 professional learners, École Ducasse maintains the highest standards in its field; with training and courses that focus on practical learning techniques; using precision, innovation and a rigorous skills-based methodology.

3 schools to choose from:

Centre De Formation Alain Ducasse 307



Since its creation in 1999, the school’s mission has been to share and pass on Alain Ducasse’s philosophy and passion. Always at the cutting edge of food trends, the newly-created Paris Campus will welcome its first students in September 2020. Located in the Parisian suburb of Meudon, this purpose-built, 5,000 sq. m campus offers programs specializing in both culinary and pastry arts.


Bachelor in Culinary Arts ( offered in English) 

Bachelor in French Pastry Arts ( offered in English) 

Programmes for career changers and entrepreneurs (offered in French or English):

  • Culinary Arts Essentials/Essentiel des Arts Culinaires (EN/FR)
  • French Pastry Arts Essentials/Essentiel de la Pâtisserie Française (FR)
  • Green Gastronomy Essentials/Les Essentiels de la Gastronomie Nature (FR)
  • Foodies et Entrepreneurs (FR)
  • French Pastry Arts Diploma (EN)
  • Culinary Arts Diploma/Diplôme de Cuisine (EN/FR)
  • Expert Diploma in Culinary Arts (EN)

Contemporary Gastronomy Signature Program (EN)

Haute cuisine and French Pastry Arts Signature Program (EN)

Continuing Education (FR)

Ecole De Cuisine Alain Ducasse 307



Designed for culinary enthusiasts and keen amateur cooks, École Ducasse – Paris Studio is a unique venue in Paris (16th district). Originally conceived as a living space, each room has been designed to make everyone feel at home.The Studio offers a variety of courses – from amateur to advanced – allowing a deep dive into the world of Alain Ducasse. Courses include cooking lessons, study days, pastry lessons, cocktails, wine tasting and mixology workshops. All teaching is by experienced chef-instructors, pastry chefs and sommeliers who have trained alongside Alain Ducasse.

ENSP 307



For more than 35 years, ENSP has been an acclaimed school both in France and internationally, for professionals in pastry, baking, chocolate, confectionary and ice cream. Founded in 1984 by the Confédération des Pâtissiers, the school has continued to grow, becoming an iconic destination in the world of pastry arts. Located in the heart of the Château de Montbarnier in Yssingeaux, in the Haute-Loire region, the school combines heritage and modernity with a unique family atmosphere.


Bachelor de la Pâtisserie Française (offered in French)

Programmes for career changers and entrepreneurs (offered in French or English):

  • CAP Pâtissier (FR)
  • CAP Chocolatier-Confiseur (FR)
  • French Pastry Arts Diploma (EN)
  • Expert Diploma in French Pastry Arts (EN)
  • French Bakery Essentials/L’Essentiel de la Boulangerie (FR)
  • French Chocolate & Confectionary Arts Essentials (EN)
  • French Pastry Arts Essentials/Essentiel de la Pâtisserie Française (EN)

Continuing Education (FR)

Academic Partnerships

École Ducasse has built international alliances with renowned historic academic partners, such as the Johnson & Wales University in the USA and George Brown College in Canada, as well as Yeditepe in Turkey, Bishulim in Israel and IHM-A in India. These academic partnerships support the creation of exclusive sessions and enable students to follow specialization programmes within the École Ducasse schools or partner institutions.