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Our Corporate
Social Responsibility

For a more
hospitable world

As an expert at the forefront of Hospitality and Experiential Education, we push our communities and leaders towards reinventing a sustainable industry by acting now. We implement impactful initiatives to inspire a more hospitable world for the people, the planet, and to bring about progress.

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4 Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, the UN released 17 SDGs to encourage the business community to align their corporate strategies to better serve a number of social, environmental and economic issues facing the world in the 21st century.

Sommet Education is committed to using its unique position in society to drive impactful change, focusing on:

Good Health & Well-Being

Create the conditions for a healthy and caring environment

Quality Education

Educate to make the world more secure, sustainable and interdependent

Responsible Consumption

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Climate Action

Promote and implement measures to decrease our carbon footprint

  • More than


    nationalities among students and staff


  • High level positions are filled by


    of women


    student green club (or equivalent) by campus in Europe

Our actions

  • New training programme for young people without work
    New training programme for young people without work

  • Committing to global standards
    Committing to global standards

  • Participating in the “Swiss Triple Impact (STI)”
    Participating in the “Swiss Triple Impact (STI)”

  • Engaging responsibly with all commercial relations
    Engaging responsibly with all commercial relations

  • Spark Innovation Sphere
    Spark Innovation Sphere

Our code of conduct

As part of our CSR mission, we have implemented a Code of Conduct and Ethics for Commercial Relations, developing a framework for commercial relations reflecting our CSR commitments.

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Each school contributes also through their own actions. To learn more about these individual initiatives, visit their website.

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